Who We are

RISHA TECHNOLOGY Bangladesh since 2018. The company is a one stop service provider for oversized & heavy loads, encompassing marine & land transportation, Ro-Ro operation, Jacking Skidding, Installation, Carnages, Warehousing & Storage. The Company has further expanded its service around Bangladesh. The Company is still continuing to explore opportunities in transportation service, Carnages, Skidding, Jacking services around the world, with growth potential.

Over the years, through professional and competent service to our customer, our company has been able to develop a well recognizes and reputable position in the heavy lift segment of transportation industry. Through a combined application of management prudence and growth through diversification, the Company is confident of continuing to provide quality service to its customers.

Our Services

Heavy Lifting, Jacking, Skidding, Project & Heavy Machinery Mover
Heavy Haulage & module Transportation
Marines Transportations a Ro-ro-Operation
Cranes, Barge, Tugboat, Service
Logistics Service & Jetty Specialist
Ware Housing, storage, Supply & Delivery
Engineering Solutions, Projects & Operational Work
Consultancy for Operation Maintenance
Project Mover & Project Dismentaling

Our Clients